Confusion in her eyes that says it all.

She's lost control.

Florida, United States
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aeon flux, agnosticism, alfred hitchcock, angelina jolie, anime, astrology, atheism, candles, cats, clubbing, combichrist, comics, cuban coffee, dark wave, david lynch, daydreaming, depeche mode, dia de los muertos, electronica, expensive perfume, eyeshadow, female bass players, feminism, fuckery, glitter, gothic lolita, growing, hayao miyazaki, hello kitty, incense, industrial, inuyasha, japanese toys, jeffrey campbell shoes, jeordie white, jet black hair, junko mizuno, kawaii noir, learning, liberalism, lulz, mac cosmetics, mangas, miami nightlife, music, nailpolish, new wave, nightlife, nine inch nails, nostalgia, politics, quentin tarantino, raves, reading, rosaries, roses, smoking, sugar skulls, sylvia ji, tarot cards, tattoos, the bronx, theater, trent reznor, urban decay cosmetics, witchcraft, writing

Libra. Lover of all things cute. Anime addict. Notorious sweet tooth. Will laugh at anything even if it's not suppose to be funny. Uses ~herbal~ remedies for relaxation. Cat and Japanese toy obsessed. Daydreamer. Extremely Liberal. Admires the art of Junko Mizuno. Uses music for inspiration; writing to feed the soul. Can be a bit of a dork.



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